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Four Fundamentals of Usability in Web Design

The better the usability of your website, the better the user experience will be, and vice versa.

The priority in designing a website should be easy interaction with the website. A website with a great visual appeal but difficult navigation cannot give a good user experience; such websites are low on usability even if their appearance looks appealing. The better the usability of your website, the better the user experience will be, and vice versa.

Designing a website with good usability is as easy as thinking about styles and elements that make using the website more accessible. These four fundamental facts can help in increasing a site’s usability.

Fundamentals of Usability in Web Design

Easy navigation

The site’s menu navigation must be clear, the site’s main pages should be easy to locate, and the color separation should also be clear. You cannot afford to sacrifice the ease your users will get in navigating the website for flashy design. While making appealing designs, you should also be particular about how easy it is for users to locate pages and links and differentiate a section from another.


No one likes a website that takes forever to load; this can be frustrating for users and scare away potential conversions on the website even if the service you are offering is great. Performance starts from the images you use in design, the plugins you use, the web host you are hosting, etc. Performance is a big deal, and you should be intentional about it.


How do you enjoy a website you can’t read its texts properly? Interacting with a website is interacting with the texts on the website. Things like the font style, the contrast, the text color, and the color background are crucial. Choosing a background that makes your text invisible is not a good idea.


It is not enough that your website looks great on a PC. These days, people make use of their mobile devices more than they do their PC. It is where responsiveness comes in; you’ll have to think about how your design will fit into different screen sizes. It is possible for your website to have good usability on PC alone if you don’t take responsiveness seriously.

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