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Usefulness and Usability of a Product: any difference?

Foremost, the usefulness of a product is about the quality of solution it provides to the users, WHILE usability is about the ease of use, the simplicity, and ease of a user experience while trying to complete a task. Now, both are important in product design and development, no one wants to use a product that does nothing, and no one would like to get stuck trying to use a product as well.

The very word “use” already connotes there is a problem the product is solving. While a product can be straightforward to use and seamless in its operation to use, it’s just a matter of time before users dump the product if it’s not solving any real problem; this is the importance of usefulness.

The usefulness of a product is what births ideas for the product, the core of the product should be what users can relate to first. Then usability can increase its chances of acceptability to users.

Thus, the big difference between usefulness and usability is while usefulness prioritizes functionality, usability cares about how the functionality can be seamless for users. Although they are different in the context of priority, they have to work hand in hand to give a good user experience.

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