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How to become an expert in UX Design Through Design Thinking.

How to become an expert in UX design through design thinking
How to become an expert in UX design through design thinking

Becoming an expert is not sudden, it doesn’t happen by swaying a magic wand, it happens through following well-laid-out processes and sticking to them.

Since UX Design has a design thinking method to achieving its goal of being user-centric, becoming an expert in it will demand focusing on design thinking and exploring its possibilities to become a better UX Designer.

Let’s see how we can apply the design thinking processes to become a better UX Designer


To get better in UX Design, the designer must be able to feel the user’s needs, he must be able to walk in the shoes of the user. A key point to note is that the designer must avoid the urge to make assumptions about the users. UX designers can carry out the following exercises to make this effective:

  • Observe how users interact with products, difficulties, and desires when interacting with digital products.

  • In order to combine the data of user research, you can create blends of fictional users.

  • Visualize the goals accomplished at every stage of a user’s experience with digital products.


The observations you have made about how the user feels help you define the problem properly. This problem definition can guide your creativity, it is the core reason for your design, once you get the problem definition wrong, you won’t be able to meet the needs of your client.


With the problem properly defined, there is room for you to get creative with ideas on how to solve the problem. Ideas will be formed on Why is it important to users? As you are getting the ideas, write them down and connect them to the user’s comfort when using the product, this will inform the design pattern to use.


This is building a product before the original product; this is where you use all the ideas gathered to create a mock-up product. The prototype can be a functional copy of the original product you want to build, using a prototyping tool.


You can test this prototype between selected users without explaining how to use the product to them. Their ease or difficulty in navigating the product will tell you how intelligent the product is to give a good user experience to users.

Being an expert UX Designer starts from being trained and this training is available at the GoCreate USA Bootcamp. Sign up here to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist.

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