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llse Mendoza

Design Project Manager

I decided to pursue a career in Product design and found a fully funded bootcamp for BIPOC designers. The classes were challenging, but I had amazing mentors and classmates and learned a lot. I spent endless hours working on my capstone project and received feedback from friends and colleagues. After graduating, I applied for an apprenticeship with ServiceNow and was accepted! Now, I'm a Product Design Apprentice and excited to continue learning and sharing my experiences with others!

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Sh’Anea Crabbe

Product Manager

Graduating from the Brave Achievers Bootcamp was a life-changing experience for me. During the program, I was able to fill the gaps in my product management and ownership skills. Additionally, I had the opportunity to design and prototype a whole app, which helped me discover my passion for Product Experience Design. It's the perfect mix of human psychology and user interaction that excites me to be a part of the future of healthcare. I would like to express my gratitude to Pamela Olomola and the team for their empathy, care, and support.

Brandi Ector

Design Program Manager

I applied to the Brave Achievers GoCreate USA bootcamp, where I learned the fundamentals of the design process and met an outstanding cohort of classmates and teachers. The bootcamp was a rewarding experience that allowed me to transition my career into Product Management. As a result, I joined ServiceNow's Design Operations team.

Tiara Conley

Product Designer

PSA to all my fellow professionals: You can change careers!
Many of us get stuck in the same role that we find comfortable and familiar. However, it is important to ask ourselves where our natural talents lie. Recently, I completed an intensive 3-month product design bootcamp provided by Brave Achievers, which equipped my peers and me with the principles and mindset needed to start our new careers in Product design. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.

Yasmine Ahmed

Product Design Experience at the Bootcamp

Brave Achievers has helped me to gain confidence and adopt an outward mindset. I now realize it is my responsibility to motivate myself and steer my life, even when I encounter difficult situations.

Jacque Yates MTH

User Research Experience at the Bootcamp

While at Brave Achievers Bootcamp, I learned about Product Experience design and KISS, which stands for Keep It Short and Simple. I discovered that decision-making can be made simpler by providing users with limited options.

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