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🔔 Information Day 2 for Re-Invent X is on the 23rd of February, 2024.

Elevate your

Digital Tech Skills

Stay current on Generative AI trends and upgrade your Digital Skills. This 3-month tech bootcamp is tailored for individuals aged 40+ in USA

On a mission to empower individuals aged 40+ with essential business skills for success in the digital and AI age

Transforming Lives and Futures

Tailored for the unique needs of individuals in the 40+ age group, designed for immediate real-world applicability.


Visit Brave Achievers and learn about our shared commitment to empowerment and inclusivity 



Individuals empowered through various initiatives


Crafting Your Digital Future, Your Way

Tailored for the unique needs of individuals in the 40+ age group, designed for immediate real-world applicability.  

Introduction to Generative AI

Explore emerging technologies in Generative AI and learn how to use these tools to transform your life and business.

Digital Literacy

Master communication tools, learn secure online practices for an efficient digital experience, and stay updated on the latest digital technologies to enable you to confidently navigate the internet with expertise.

Entrepreneurship skills

Learn real-world strategies to identify market opportunities, critical product research methodologies, and ways to develop innovative solutions, and turn your creative ideas into successful ventures. Learn from people who have walked the walk before.

Project-based learning

Develop industry-ready tech skills and unlock opportunities for a successful career or entrepreneurial journey.

Information Day 2 for Re-Invent X is on the 23rd of February, 2024.

  • The bootcamp spans a total of 3 months. For Level 1, the first month (100% Sponsored and free for everyone to attend), the duration is 4 weeks with each session lasting one hour. 

  • Classes run from Mondays to Fridays, each session lasting one hour.

  • Classes are entirely virtual

  • The first month is fully sponsored during the beginner phase. Opting for level 2 (the remaining two months) incurs a tuition fee. However, Brave Achievers offers an exclusive 70% sponsorship for the training cost to the first 50 eligible candidates. This means your total cost for the entire bootcamp training is $300. 

  • Yes, certification will be awarded at the end of the three-month training. Note that opting for the first month does not include a certificate.


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Discover our pricing.
First month is free on all plans!

Opt for a one-time payment or take advantage of our flexible installment plans to suit your financial preferences. Choose your preference during the checkout process

First month free 

Virtual hands-on training sessions 

Learn about Generative AI and Digital literacy basics

Guided and supportive learning environment with one-on-one training sessions.

Tailored lessons for effective skill acquisition. 

Access to experienced mentors for guidance throughout your journey.

Get hands-on experience with innovative tools and resources.

No completion certificate

Start your first month free, made possible by our partners



Standard plan

Three months long

No credit card required

Get hands-on experience with innovative tools and resources.

Completion certificate

Everything in the FREE plan, plus:

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Platinum plan

Advanced generative AI training and digital literacy  for an additional month

Mentorship after Bootcamp

Post-bootcamp business launch assistance

Everything in the Standard plan, plus:

Ready to Invest in Your Tech Future? 

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