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🔔 Join us for Information Day on May 31st! Next Bootcamp starts in June.

Elevate Your
Digital Tech Skills

Stay current on generative AI trends and upgrade your digital skills. This 3-month virtual tech bootcamp is tailored for individuals aged 35+.

On a mission to empower individuals aged 35+ with essential skills for success in the digital and AI age

Transforming Lives and Futures

Tailored for the unique needs of individuals in the 35+ age group. Designed for immediate, real-world applicability.


Visit Brave Achievers and learn about our shared commitment to empowerment and inclusivity 



Individuals empowered through various initiatives


Crafting Your Digital Future, Your Way

Explore the hands-on curriculum packed with prevalent topics in the evolving tech market.  Learn more.

Introduction to generative AI

Learn how AI can enhance your life at every stage. From running a business to managing a busy household. Explore the latest advancements and tools in generative AI.

Digital Literacy

Master communication tools, stay safe online, and navigate the internet confidently. Perfect for Gen X looking to stay tech savvy.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Apply real-world strategies to spot market opportunities, research products effectively, and turn ideas into successful ventures. Learn from people who have walked the walk before.

Project-based Learning

Learn by doing: projects in the bootcamp allow you to apply what you've learned to real-world situations, enhancing your business and personal life. Ideal for Gen Xers ready to be empowered.

Information Day 2 for Re-Invent X is on the 23rd of February, 2024.

Apply for a Scholarship

Are you eager to enhance your generative AI and digital literacy skills but need assistance? Re-Invent X offers 50% to 100% scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis to passionate individuals who may face barriers in accessing the bootcamp. Apply for a scholarship today and seize this transformative learning opportunity.


More information

  • Yes. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the three-month training. 

  • The bootcamp is priced at $2500. However, at Brave Achievers, we believe in making education accessible. Explore our scholarship opportunities and secure your chance to participate in the program.

  • Classes are entirely virtual and take place from 5pm PST to 6pm PST.

  • Classes run from Mondays to Fridays, each session lasting one hour from 5pm PST to 6pm PST.

  • The bootcamp spans a total of 3 months. 

  • We seek individuals with an open and curious mindset, driven by a passion for learning and eager to explore the endless possibilities of generative AI.

Ready to Invest in Your Tech Future? 

Discover Our Pricing

Our fee provides full access to our comprehensive curriculum, personalized capstone project support, individual mentorship sessions, and a plethora of additional program resources. We also offer need-based scholarships. Apply for a scholarship.


Join the Re-Invent X Bootcamp!


(70% sponsored)

Virtual hands-on training sessions 

Comprehensive learning material about generative AI and digital literacy basics 

Guided and supportive learning environment with one-on-one training sessions

Access to experienced mentors for guidance throughout your journey

Tailored lessons for effective skill acquisition. 

Hands-on experience with innovative tools and resources

Flexible payment plan available.

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Advanced generative AI training and digital literacy for an additional month

Post-bootcamp mentorship 

Post-bootcamp business launch assistance

Everything in the Standard plan, plus:

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