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Tech Dreams

Brave Achievers offers sponsored bootcamps in product experience design for diverse talents to launch or elevate their tech careers with in-demand skills. Join us in empowering the tech industry and making a positive impact.

Over 2k+ Professionals trained.

Join us for Information Day on May 31st! 

Next Re-Invent X Bootcamp starts in June.

Stay current on Generative AI trends and upgrade your Digital Skills with Re-Invent X. This 3-month virtual tech bootcamp is tailored for individuals aged 35+. Transform your today, level up your skills, and be strategically positioned for the dynamic world of technology.

Our graduates work with these leading tech companies

Learn & Earn

Our bootcamps get you ready for global tech jobs in UI/UX Design and Product Management.

High performing students get apprenticeship slots with our partner companies after graduation.

Unlimited projects on subscription

Take advantage of BUX Platform's dynamic subscription-based system that allows busy managers and business owners to access instant dedicated squads to work on their multiple projects.

Embark on a guided journey with us. Our expert-curated bootcamp tailors learning to your level, shaping your path from novice to pro. Join us for transformative career skills.

Meet Our Partners
Experience Our Innovative Product Suite

GoCreate USA

Get fully-funded hands-on Product design training & expert mentorship with GoCreate USA Bootcamp.

YouCreate Africa

Join our fully-funded YouCreate Africa Bootcamp to develop your tech skills with engaging mentorship and practical training.

Re-Invent X

Boost your  Generative AI and digital literacy skills with Re-Invent X's 3-month bootcamp for entrepreneurs and individuals aged 40+.

BUX Platform

Subscribe to BUX for access to experienced design squads, tailored Product design services for your business, and unlimited iterations.

The UX Professional Elevator

Improve your product design skills with engaging challenges, quizzes, and fruity levels in The UX Pro game. Earn rewards as you progress!


 Graduation Rate 


Student Rating


Employment Rate


Professionals Trained

Beyond Words, the Numbers Speak for Themselves.
Your Partner for Exceptional Product Design

Our Brave Squad provides tailored product design services that transform your ideas into unique and exceptional products using a comprehensive user-centered process that meets your budget and timeline.

We can’t do it without you

We are on a mission to build a pipeline of skilled professionals, redefine tech hiring, and advocate for better inclusion and diversity in tech. We are just an organization, but we are a community with you.

Elevate Your Design Career with Fun and Effective Learning!

The UX Professional Elevator is a gamified learning experience designed to challenge your knowledge and expertise as a product designer, regardless of your level. Engage in quizzes, overcome challenging levels, and earn rewards in both the game and real life. This innovative game offers the perfect opportunity to improve your skills and advance your career in a new and exciting way.

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🔔 Experience the transformative power of AI at the Re-Invent X AI conference

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