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How Emotion is Connected to UX Design

UX design has been described as the interaction and response of a user to a product, interface, or service. An emotional feeling towards the product generates this response in itself. A UX designer will not only strive to make a product functional, but he will also do his best to connect the user to the product. The functionality of the product only creates an impression on the user if the product has a lasting emotional feel on the user.

Creating lasting emotions in users will require user testing, research, and identifying the frustrations that users may encounter while using the product. The designer's focus will be to eliminate these frustrations while working on the product and replace them with designs that can create positive interactions with the user.

Emotions are connected to designs on three levels: the instinctive level, the behavioral, and the reflective.


This is an immediate reaction to your product. The product should elicit a deep desire in the user, something they can see and say they want to use because the first impression users have about your product matters. The users' first impression will affect their perception of your product, credibility, and trustworthiness.


An excellent behavioral design focuses on the structure and how it meets user needs and requirements. The function must be in sync with the design, so users can easily connect the design to the function. It creates an impression on the user, such that they can connect the design to a solution anywhere they see it.


At this level, the user bonds with the product. They can share their stories about the product, how it has helped them, and their moments with the product to others.

To this end, if a design creates a lasting impact, users need to feel emotionally attached to it. Thus, designers must work on emotional connections to make successful products.

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