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How to Improve the Usability of a System

Usability requires thinking like a user. It is a process of creating easy navigation and a seamless functionality system for the user. Therefore, designers and developers must continually seek ways to make a system usable. This article reveals some helpful tips to consider in improving the usability of a system.

Tips to Improve the Usability of a System

Reduce the errors users will encounter

One thing that frustrates users is dealing with errors on a website; errors in password combinations, errors in leaving necessary fields blank, and errors in fields that require uppercase or lowercase. To reduce the errors, clearly spell out the requirements that users should meet. They do not have to find out the requirements through error messages.

Remove unnecessary features

Usability is not about having many features but the ease of using the available features. If you discover that a feature is unnecessary, remove it. Such features tend to make the system or software complex and retain only useful and seamless functionalities for users to operate.

Be consistent

Consistency helps usability a lot. Consistent with your icons and picture representations make it easier for users to decode what you want them to do. Inconsistency makes usability difficult. It is not about how many icons you use; it is about the icons and styles the users can relate with.

Improving the usability of a system is something every designer should take as a priority. You can learn how to design usable products when you attend our GoCreate USA Bootcamp. It is a place for turning a design newbie into a skilled designer. Sign up here to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist.

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