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Why Your Products Need to be Usable

Usability should increase a product’s chances of solving problems for users without stress. Still, when a product fails the usability test, it destroys the essence of the solution the product seeks to solve for users. The solution is hidden from users, focusing on the problems created by the poor usability. Let us take a quick look at a few reasons for creating usable products.

Reasons for Creating Usable Products

Poor Usability Creates Users’ Mistrust for Brand

Usable products endear users to the brands creating the products. Users tend to trust products coming from consistent brands in producing products with seamless functionality.

A product with poor usability will create more dislikes for the brands. It becomes harder for users to trust future products that the brand might want to put out because the experience they have with one product will create a lasting impression.

Poor Usability Creates More Problems

A product with poor usability creates more problems than it intends to solve. Usability is the first thing that endears users to a product. It makes the solution the product is trying to solve presentable to users, but when this is lost, more problems arise.

Poor usability means it’s hard for users to relate to the product. Thus, there will be more problems to solve in making the product relatable to users, such that it could even cloud the basic functionality of the product. Thus, it is crucial to ensure usability is good so that functionality can be seamless for users.

Poor Usability Creates losses.

If Customers don’t find a product usable, they will go elsewhere; that’s a loss for the brand. The truth is, customers rarely care about your goals and aspirations, all they want is a product that won’t give them problems while meeting their needs, and if they can’t find that with your product, that’s a loss. Hence, the first consideration in creating a product is how it fits the customers' demands and how to make it easy for them to use.

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