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Methods of Evaluating Usability

It is essential to know how easy it is to use your product. You cannot be the best judge of how good the product is; you’ll need the opinion of others, especially those the product is meant for, to ascertain that. There are three significant ways to evaluate the usability of your products.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is about planning a user interaction with a product. You’ll pay close attention to the user’s actions, reactions, and difficulties when using the test product, more like trying to find out how easy it is for a user with no prior knowledge of the product.

Usability Inspection

Usability inspection has nothing to do with the user; it instead focuses on checking every usability issue with the product for standard usability guidelines. It is done by the designer or engineers that designed the product.

Usability Inquiry

Here, you are addressing specific questions to users about the product. It does not involve testing; it is generated from the feedback you get during usability testing with users.

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