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3 Steps to Achieving Career Advancement in Tech

A report by ZDNet revealed that 59% of IT skillsets would soon become obsolete, and new skillsets will emerge to meet the increasing demands of the Tech space. This is a wake-up call to consistently seek how to advance in your career to maintain your relevance.

Career advancement benefits include salary raises, increased work satisfaction, skills improvement, and personal growth. Career advancement requires a calculated strategy. You won't be able to accomplish your set goals if you don't have a strategy to help you achieve them.

Here are three ways that can help you in achieving career advancement.

Define what career success means to you

Consider what is far more significant to you in your current job and what you want your future career to look like. What you desire now may not be the same as what you want in five or ten years. Long-term thinking will assist you in defining your definition of success.

Create a note showing what you're doing in your career now and where you want to be in one, five, and ten years. Fill in the position and title you wish to have for each of the first five years of your career. That is the start of your professional plan, so keep it handy.

Establish goals and set timelines.

Look at your career path and see what you have planned for years one through five. These are your most important long-term objectives. You'll need to break these huge tasks into short-term goals to achieve them. Identify what measures you'll need to take to advance in your career.

What are the abilities you'll need to learn? Who in your network can assist you in your development? Will you be able to achieve your objectives with your current employer? Take the time to study and think about your work critically. There's no limit to how many short-term goals you can set, but more is preferable to less in most cases.

Learn the right skills for upskilling

Learning the right skills is an essential activity for Tech workers today. After writing down your goals and timeline, you can devise a plan on how to learn UX skills if you are upskilling from a Graphic Designer to a User Experience Designer, or you can decide to acquire more knowledge in Agile Management. Still, it would help if you ensure the skills you want to learn are in alignment with your career advancement goals.

The purpose of learning skills is to keep you updated and expand your access to opportunities. The GoCreate USA Bootcamp can do much for you in gaining skills in UI/UX Design, Product Design, and Agile Management. You can sign up here to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist.

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