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Starting a Career in Tech (A Short Guide for Starters)

Technology is growing in its leaps and bounds in shaping our world; it is not uncommon these days to see many people interested in something that has to do with tech. Meanwhile, as the population of those interested in tech keeps increasing, it becomes more confusing for people to know where and how to start learning about Tech.

Well, the first thing is to know that Tech is diverse. You’ll first want to research which aspect of Tech you want to learn. UI/UX design, Product Management, Low-code Development, Agile Management, etc.

Almost every aspect of tech has a high-income return on whatever effort you take in earning them. You can start by looking for the most needed tech skills in 2021. For example, according to a report by LinkedIn, UX design is one of the top five in-demand skills. Since Google now considers UX design an important ranking factor for web pages, online businesses and organizations will need UI/UX designers to remain relevant and competitive.

Of course, you’ll need to check others to know what you want. After choosing what you want, the next challenge, which is the biggest challenge you’ll face in learning Tech, is having the proper method or structure for learning this new skill you have chosen. Joining a Bootcamp is a good option for you because the learning is structured, and experts will teach you in the field.

There are also resourceful materials online for learning, but you might be unable to ask questions or know your exact learning path like a Bootcamp will give you.

You can get good training at the Brave Achievers’ GoCreate USA Bootcamp. It is for those interested in learning UI/UX Design, Product Design, and Agile Management. Sign up to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist.

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