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Are UX Bootcamps Worth It? Why Go For It?

According to LinkedIn’s report on best jobs in 2021 and Glassdoor’s best 50 jobs in the USA, UX design is presently one of the in-demand jobs today. It has indeed become a sought-after skill.

The reason is simple. UX design is customer-centric, and customers are the priority of many organizations. Adobe reported that 87% of hiring managers would prioritize hiring a UX designer in their organizations because they want to create products that solve human problems, which is the goal of UX designers.

The increasing demand for UX designers led to the wave of UX bootcamps which started from the pandemic year in 2020. The loss of jobs for many that worked physical jobs made many realize the importance of learning a tech skill online. For many, coding seems a bit difficult and too late to learn. So, the next best option is UX design. Thus, the increase in UX design bootcamps.

Most UX design newbies want to know if UX bootcamps are worth the attention they receive or if they are just overrated. It might be due to misconceptions they have heard or opinions they have formed in their minds. You are probably reading this article to ensure you are making the right choice by choosing to learn in a UX design Bootcamp.

There are three primary learning methods you can choose from to become a UX designer. You can either choose to be self-taught, opt for a university degree in UX design, or attend a UX Bootcamp.

Speaking of UX bootcamps, the recent UX Bootcamp report stated that about 79% of UX Bootcamp graduates got their first job in UX straight out of the Bootcamp. It is an encouragement for aspiring UX designers that the job market for UX design is active. It is also a confirmation that UX Bootcamps teach students such that they are job-ready. Managers in different organizations also attest that they love hiring UX designers from Bootcamp programs.

So, there are many positive reports about UX design bootcamps, but is it an option to consider given the rigorous training? Let's see.

Is a UX Bootcamp worth it?

A distinctive feature of UX design bootcamps is their ability to train you to become a UX designer in a short period. UX bootcamps offer a rich, robust, in-demand curriculum prepared by UX professionals to train aspiring designers to become proficient with user experience design. The best part is that you can do this in your room's comfort. Online UX bootcamps will train you like a physical Bootcamp will do.

A suitable UX Bootcamp will teach you the core UX principles and skills to make you stand out as a user experience designer. UX bootcamps teach students how to conduct user research, usability testing, wireframing, prototyping, and user interface design.

Also, you don't have to worry about the quality of lectures you get from a UX design Bootcamp because industry professionals teach most UX Bootcamp courses with years of experience.

Also, UX Bootcamps have a high conversion rate for success in the job market. UX Bootcamp certificates are recognized and respected by organizations, giving Bootcamp graduates an edge in their job search.

So, how do we know if UX bootcamps are worth attending?

A UX Design Bootcamp will give you a strong career network

One thing that discourages people from online UX bootcamps is the lack of physical communication and connection with other students. It is easy to feel isolated if you are not connected with other Bootcamp students.

On the contrary, most UX design bootcamps have strong communities online where you can connect with others and build relationships that will help your career. These communities include students, tutors, and mentors who are industry professionals. It is a great advantage to build solid support for your career. Most UX bootcamps will even pair you up with a career coach. If you don't have any reason to consider a UX Bootcamp for anything, the mentorship is enough reason.

Organizations recognize UX Bootcamp certifications.

In the past, organizations paid attention to a college degree above anything else before hiring anyone. The story has changed now. The employment stats show that organizations are now hiring UX Bootcamp graduates even more than college degree holders.

Organizations are starting to place less emphasis on where you studied UX design. They are more concerned about your UX skills and what you have in your UX portfolio.

The practicality that UX bootcamps offer is an advantage that makes Bootcamp graduates job-ready, and professionals in the field recognize it. Thus, a certification from a UX Bootcamp is an advantage in the job market.

A UX Bootcamp will give you a mix of theory and practice

You cannot be trained as a UX designer based on theories alone. The experience of a UX designer is built through practical projects. Most UX design bootcamps offer a mix of UX techniques in theory and practice.

A sound UX Bootcamp will train you with syllabuses that include projects that focus on in-demand skills that you will need as a UX designer in the job market. The opinion that UX bootcamps do less because the period is short is a misconception. If you are taught UX research, you will be given projects enabling you to carry out the same.

For example, a UX design Bootcamp like the GoCreate USA Bootcamp will give you project exercises alongside your lectures and reading materials. You then get to apply what you are taught to real projects. The projects will expose you to the practicality of following the due process in user experience design. These projects serve as your foundation for working on real-world projects.

You can come as you are

You don't need any previous knowledge before attending a UX design Bootcamp. All you need is your interest in UX design. A UX design Bootcamp trains you from a total beginner to job-ready. So, you don't need to worry if you don't know anything. Just come as you are.

Should I do UX Bootcamp?

Well, it depends on what you want. If you wish to learn the concepts of UX design and become a UX designer within a short period, a UX Bootcamp is your best bet. There are other options, like being self-taught or attending a university.

However, the self-study route is filled with a lot of trial and error, devoid of mentorship, and leaves you clueless most of the time.

On the other hand, a university degree is good, but you'll have to exercise patience with the years of learning. If you want to be job-ready in time, a university degree is out of an option. So, what do you want? If you wish to get a UX job a few months from now, I'll advise you to consider a UX design Bootcamp.

Will a UX Bootcamp get you a job?

Let's answer this question with facts. Recently, coursereport stated in their survey that more UX Bootcamp graduates could secure a UX job than those with a university degree. The stats indicated that 83% of Bootcamp graduates testified that they had been employed in a job that requires their technical skills.

The Bootcamp program is designed to train you for real-world projects and helps you build an impressive portfolio. So, you might not be handed a job literally after a Bootcamp, but with the skills you have, it won't be long before you land a job.

Final thoughts

So, are UX bootcamps worth it? Your answer is right here in this article! Read and make your decision! Guess what? A UX Bootcamp is coming up soon! It’s the GoCreate USA Bootcamp. This is another opportunity to take your dream to the next level. Get trained to be a UX/UI designer, product manager, or technical writer. Learn more about the Bootcamp here

This is an opportunity to get trained by experts in the field.

Recommended Book for Reading

Sean Van Tyne’s UX Boot Camps: for Product Managers

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