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What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is simply a problem-solving approach. This approach is better understood when viewed in different directions; trying to limit it to only a particular problem will limit its importance.

Other definitions of Design thinking

These are some of the ways also to view Design Thinking

A strategy for Overcoming Business Challenges

Design Thinking is a method for addressing a wide range of business problems. It is an interactive and iterative process involving putting oneself in customers' shoes to find innovative solutions to company problems. Any problem can be solved through Design Thinking. Design Thinking can help you find a new product that will take over the market, reduce staff turnover, or improve the efficiency of a government institution.

A new way of thinking

Design Thinking is distinct in expressing innovation based on empathy rather than expertise or feedback. It focuses on how a product, software, or service makes the end user feel while using it. Design Thinking gives an alternative way to final results based on this sympathetic approach.

It is human-centered

One of the essential characteristics of Design Thinking is that it is human-centered, meaning it focuses on the needs and desires of real people. It is designed to communicate to real people constantly, get their feedback, and attempts to empathize with their wants and needs.

Design Thinking focuses on what your users (consumers or workers) want and need, rather than what product line or technology your company wishes to bring. A new product or technology may emerge due to Design Thinking but only if it is what users genuinely desire or need.

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