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Three things to look out for in a new project management task

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Three things to look out for in a new project management task

As a project manager, you are constantly searching for new ways and methods to make work easier, faster, and more effective.

Every task is unique. So, you must thoroughly understand a task's nature before you can resolve it effectively.

As a project manager, you want to ensure that the adopted method is familiar to your team, relatable to your stakeholders, and effective in delivering a high-quality product.

You need to look out for three things on a new project management task.

  1. Finish from the start. Always start with the end in mind. The final product should determine the suitable method to be used. To put this in simple words, define what the final product would look like. You and the rest of your team must have an agreed definition of product success. It does not have to be a perfect definition at first. Just a mental picture as this helps to evaluate the entire project over time.

  2. Find out what has been working. This applies to starting new as a project manager on an existing project. You need to investigate and note the current method(s) that the organization uses. If it is not broken, do not fix it. Methods can improve it. Yes. But if it is an effective method, flow with it. If your organization prioritizes order over flexibility, you must consider this factor when deciding which project management method to adopt. All methods work; priority is the deciding factor. As a new project manager, learn to use methods with a proven record of reliability and efficiency. You do not want to complicate things for yourself and your organization.

  3. The quality of your team is an advantage. Never undermine the strength of your team. If experts surround you, do not labor them with strict monitoring. The chances are that they work better when they are not being micromanaged. A detailed requirement should be all. The experts will always do their thing. Some specific methodologies afford a team of experts the flexibility they need. Adopt that. But if you are working with a team of average developers, you might want to adopt a stricter method.

In a nutshell, project management is just a subtle way to describe how you execute any project. The key players are still you, the stakeholders, your team, the target market, and the final product.

All methods work, and sometimes you can adopt a combination of methods depending on the complexity of your task. When you pay attention to these tips, you will find yourself executing projects more accessible and faster.

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