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Five reasons why you should engage in lifelong learning

Outside your textbooks, classrooms, and offices, there are a plethora of skills to learn that can come in handy later in life.

Interestingly, there has never been a better time to engage in lifelong learning than now, as the internet has made it possible for everyone, regardless of their demography and location, to learn from the comfort of their homes and at their convenience and pace as well. If you ever doubt the value of that effort and time you are putting or that you will later put into learning new things online, well, here are some reasons to have a rethink.

  1. It Opens Doors for Opportunities. Acquiring new skills and gaining new knowledge are undoubtedly some of the best ways to position yourself for opportunities within and outside your field. This will not only increase your confidence in yourself, but it will also as well increase the confidence of your prospective hiring managers in you. According to a survey by PR Newswire, 42 percent of people who apply for jobs do not meet the job requirements, which means that you want to take time to acquire skills that will put you up there with the 58 percent.

  2. It helps you Stay Fulfilled and Connected. As humans, we all have the drive to explore, try new things, learn and grow; the result is satisfaction and fulfillment. Lifelong learning helps you fulfill those desires, which becomes evident in your approach to life and attitude to those around you. In fact, in a 2020 report, Pew Research Center found that 58 percent of those who pursued personal learning activities felt more connected to their local community, and 64 percent claimed it helped them make new friends.

  3. It helps you stay in the Know. Getting involved in Lifelong learning is like getting a regular software update. It allows you to stay up to speed with developments and information on best practices.

  4. It helps keep your Brain Healthy. Continual learning helps to keep the brain healthy and active. In a report by Sharecare, Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel G. Amen asserts that 'To stay sharp as a whip, continue to challenge your brain daily.' Each time you learn something new and practice it, your brain will either change the structure of its neurons (cells) or increase the number of synapses between your neurons, allowing them to send and receive information faster.' However, in the absence of mental stimulation, the spines degenerate.

  5. It helps you stay engaged. Thinking of what to do with the excessive free time you have during the weekends, holidays, or in your retirement? Lifelong learning is the most profitable way of warding off that boredom as it helps you open new perspectives about your life that you would never have discovered.

​Learning is a continuous process; don't think you have graduated because when you do, learning stops. Pick up a book on a topic you know nothing about and read, take up new courses online, watch tutorial videos and listen to podcasts.

The goal is to keep your mind constantly refreshed. If you like this article, you would also like these.


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