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Project management methodolgy explained in fewer words

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Project management methodology for beginners

If you are starting a career in project management, you may find it overwhelming that there are a lot of methodologies developed to organize complex projects.

It gets worse when you do not have a clear mental picture of what project management methodology entails.

​In simple terms, these codes, rules, and guidelines direct how you execute any project.

These methods all guarantee success depending on the nature of that project.

​What is important to note is that management methodology sets the pace for the entire project. It determines the timeline: the amount of work required, and the overall flexibility. ​

What is Project Management Methodology?

Project management method is a less complicating way of defining the process of carrying out any task. As a team or individual, you need to agree on the mode for executing a project before starting off the project.

That point of agreement is methodology. You want to align your company's priorities and your team's flexibility with market demands.

There are a few methodologies associated with project management.

These methodologies include Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Critical Chain Project Management, and Critical Path Method. They all try to solve the same problem: offer a project management guide.

But they differ in execution. And this is your dilemma as a project manager. It would help if you chose a suitable management methodology for your project.

In fact, you might want to end up using a combination of methods to achieve the best results. But this can only be done when you reach mastery. So, if you want to make an impact as a project manager, you need dedicated time to understand the different project management methods.

You will see that the moment you are able to navigate these methods, there will be a tremendous boost in productivity.


Now that you understand what project management methods mean and the impact they can make on your productivity. You will find Brave Achievers' Bootcamp helpful in acquiring the much-needed training.

Brave Achievers offers intensive training on project management methodologies.

You will get hands-on experience on how to navigate the different project management methods to get optimal results.


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