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Learn in-demand skills anywhere for FREE

"We would not be going back to the old ways of doing business. We are unleashing global opportunities that will enable anyone living anywhere with any background to participate in this new economy…” Larry Cornett, 2020.

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Learn UX UI Design at GoCreate USA

More than before, the events of 2020 speed up the adoption and global acceptance of the new world of remote work.

We were made to realize "unwillingly” all the things we can do from the comfort of our homes or anywhere other than a workspace.

About a decade ago, remote work was all but a futurist term. As Larry Cornett stated in his address at the Brave Achievers' UX design Bootcamp graduation ceremony for 2020 cohorts,

“When I was a young designer, finding mentors and advisers who could guide me in my career was a little challenging. It wasn’t that easy to talk with people in the design community either. We had the occasional local meetups. We had annual conferences, but that was about it. And that’s all changed for the better now.” ​Some companies would demand prospective workers attend certain institutions before they could even be considered for hire.

While some still maintain these recruiting standards today, many are revising these rules because of the success of remote work.

Remote work works!

Remote work has not only cleared every doubt one may have had about work but has also introduced a new and effective way to communicate and learn.

You no longer need to attend that physical school before obtaining a degree in that field of work you love.

You do not even need a traditional school. Not today. Not in this reality where there are tech bootcamps, online programs train you in the exact skill you need to function at the required level. When the results are no longer in doubt, the methods thus become foolproof! And this is the future of education going forward.

In his own words, Larry said, “what you (Brave Achievers) are a model for the future of education.” We at Brave Achievers understand the future of education, and we have created a system that works: The GoCreate USA program. It was beta-tested in Africa in 2019, and in 2020, we successfully launched its maiden edition in the United States of America. Our GoCreate USA initiative offers on-demand skill training in design and tech for FREE. We train, mentor, and empower determined minds on the skill needed to land a design job in tech.

This form of learning is the future. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of that future? With your help, we can train, inspire, and mentor the next big brains in tech and design. Start here.


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