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The Lifelong Learner Mindset | Focusing on the Long-term Goal

Brian Tracy, an American motivational speaker and author of the book “Change your thinking, change your Life,” once said, “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” This statement posits that learning is not a one-time adventure; it has to be continuous to produce results. Hence you can only be seen as a lifelong learner if you possess a mindset that does not give up on learning.

Persistence in learning then is an essential mindset for lifelong learning, which contrasts with feeding on information only at the time of need. The former is the big picture mindset, while the latter is short-lived. It is more like the difference between rushing to complete a particular skill course to show that the learning path is completed in your dashboard and patiently learning, taking notes, reading articles, and doing practical exercises, for expertise in a particular field. Brian Tracy’s words point to the fact that success is only achievable when learning is continuous.

Research by David Drewery, Robert Sproule, and Judene Pretti revealed that developing a lifelong learning mindset enhances objective and subjective career success. Objective career success is experiencing career satisfaction, while subjective career success includes present job satisfaction, work engagement, and job-related efficiency.

The life-long learner focus on the long-term goal. The mindset that learning is for life drives him to research and know more. Thus, his actions, inactions, attitudes, and behavioral pattern towards learning will all stem from how his mindset is shaped. The conviction he has in his mind will be his driving force to be consistent with learning.

Also, a critical mindset required for being committed to life-long learning is curiosity. A curious mind is hungry for new challenges, ideas, and experiences and is unhappy with the status quo. You desire to grow, learn, and develop beyond your wildest dreams when you have this mindset. You want to develop into a more well-rounded and improved version of yourself.

Furthermore, the mindset of a lifelong learner is always open to innovative ideas, and you realize that the only way to attain your maximum capabilities is to be receptive to anything that comes your way and prepared to investigate everything.

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