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How you can leverage Design Tech as a woman

The tech industry is one of the highest paying and highest recruiting industries in the world right now. There don’t seem to be enough tech people to do the job.

Despite this, the tech world is ostensibly male-dominated. Almost as though there are ‘mindset gatekeepers’ that keep the women out. 

Some balance has been achieved in the current general workforce stats, with women making up about 46.9% of the total workforce in the world. We, however, still face an emergency in the tech sector, where stats still have women holding less than 25% of all tech roles.

These stats are even lower than the stats recorded in the 1980s. A 2017 PwC research showed that only 27% of all female respondents said they would even consider a tech career. This survey comes in the wake of a staggering 62% of men responding similarly.

As though this isn’t bad enough, Entelo reports that only about 19% of women are in entry and mid-level tech roles, suggesting that there won’t be an equalizing of the situation in the immediate future unless something is urgently done about it. The senior levels stats are not encouraging, as only about 16% of all senior tech position holders are female. To cap it off, less than 10% of tech executives are female. 

History has shown that it is never easy to venture into gender-dominated spaces. Women in tech have a social responsibility to encourage more women, particularly young and impressionable women, to go into tech if they show promise or interest. In some cases, we perceive lack of interest as fear, failure, impostor syndrome due to gender construct, and even lack of proper orientation. Needless to say that more women would go into tech if they had the moral support and role models to look up to in the field. 

Nothing about tech is about biology. It makes no sense for anyone to be discriminated against based on their sex or class. It is, therefore, essential for us to work towards eradicating the problems posed by gender bias and social construct.

GoCreate USA Bootcamps by Brave Achievers is one of such ways that we can eradicate diversity, inclusion, and skill-shortage problem in DesignTech. 

Learn more about this life-changing  Product Design Bootcamp.

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