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Networking: the Currency of Corporate America

The ever-increasing number of jobs in America are filled through networking!

​Building contacts is the ticket to landing your first and subsequent job.

You must have heard people share their networking success stories. About how they met their biggest client over a cocktail party. How they stumbled on their new boss at a Facebook connect.

These stories are endless.

But true.

According to the U.S. labor department, about 80% of newly created jobs are not advertised. 70% of replacement jobs are filled by the network of hiring managers.

No jobs adverts,

No jingles,

No announcements.

If you agree with these stories and have yet to leverage your networks or build one, then is it the case that you doubt your ability to connect? Is it the case that you feel that being a minority race at times limits your chances?

Take a leap of faith, today.

Network is immune to race, societal status, and location. This is because you will always find people that believe in your ideas and are in a position that can improve your career. You only need to find out where they are and how to connect with them.

Therefore, rather than wallow in your shortcoming, connect with people that are passionate about what you do. Connect with people like you who are already at the stage where you want to be.

In your own words, what is networking?

What Is Networking?

There are a few interpretations associated with the word networking. Some believe it is having a connection with influential people who would open doors to things you do not deserve. They think that networking is coercion. Manipulation. And using people to get what you want.

Well, these are strong misinterpretations of networking!

Networking is an overused but largely misapplied common vocabulary. Networking is connecting with people. People with whom you share similar values, beliefs, and perhaps career aspirations.

Even for an introvert, there are networking solutions that you can explore.

Have you heard about Brave Achievers Foundation’s GoCreate USA program starting this Fall?

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