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Time management tips for creatives

For some people, there is never enough time in the day to beat deadlines, attend meetings, ideate, attend to personal issues, and deliver tasks as when due.

Hence the need to create a realistic strategy that can help you surmount your schedule challenges. Here are some tips that you might

find useful:

  • Create a Realistic Daily Plan: With tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Planner, or even the To-do app on your mobile phone, you can create a daily planner that guides your use of time.

  • Prioritize Tasks by Urgency and Importance: You have to know which task is more critical and urgent, so you do not spend so much time on the less important ones while doing the important ones hastily and shabbily.

  • Take Breaks Frequently: It might be reasonable to sit down on the PC for long uninterrupted hours, but it makes no sense if you have such an extended period of screen-time without relative productivity. Take a break to refresh your mind and seek inspiration elsewhere; it will speed up your work time.

  • Organize Yourself: Being disorganized is one of the factors that can make you spend a lot of time achieving absolutely nothing. Organize your desk, make all stationeries and devices accessible, and arrange projects properly in separate folders where they can be easily located. This makes the job a lot easier for you.

  • Learn To Say No: It’s always good to be the good person that helps everyone. The “everybody’s go-to person” when they need help downloading a mock-up, installing software, or doing another “small task.” If you are resolute about your time management, you have to learn to say no to certain people at certain times; otherwise, you will be overwhelmed by your workload.

Time management is vital for every creative that wants to work at an optimal level for a long time. Take your schedule seriously and see yourself moving into an efficient person. You can find insights into healthy workplace practices on our site.

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