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How to use Twitter for Lifelong Learning

The continuous, intentional, and self-motivated pursuit of information for personal or professional reasons is referred to as lifelong learning. As a result, it promotes social involvement, personal growth, self-sufficiency, competence, and employability.

As reported by Statista, the increase in social media has made it possible for people to learn from ideas shared by different persons in a short time. Thus social media has become more than a hub for social banters; they are also learning platforms.

Twitter is one of the social media visited mainly by teens, especially in the USA. Estimation shows that Twitter users in the USA amount to 69.3 million, the largest in the world. It shows that there is a vast population on Twitter, so there will be varied information to learn from.

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform developed as a medium to chat and share ideas. Other social networking platforms are online confessionals or portfolios of current personal events. As a result, Twitter is the most likely platform for combining social networking and Tech Education.

Twitter accounts dish out tech-related content, such as Brave Achievers International, Tech Community, UX collective, etc. You can also check out this list of UX designers to follow on Twitter. Also, you can follow a general list of other Tech workers.

Twitter is a good platform for asking questions and receiving answers. The daily sharing of ideas encourages lifelong learning, and people also give out links to courses on Twitter.

Also, The Brave Achievers International page can help you navigate your way in UI/UX development, Agile Management, and Product Design.

You can ask, how do I go about learning on Twitter?

  • The first thing to do is to recognize your personal goals and objectives. It is about you and what you want to learn. Consider what you're enthusiastic about and what you want to achieve in the future.

  • Next, you can list all the things you want to study or accomplish. Explore what it is about that passion or goal you want to achieve once you've determined what motivates you.

  • Finally, Prioritize your learning, don't mix up the information you need. You shouldn't get carried away on other platforms and spend just a few minutes on the accounts that you need to learn from

Moreover, Twitter is great because engaging in digitally mediated interactions aids in developing valuable abilities that will be required in the workplace.

You can join Brave Achievers International on Twitter and sign up for the GoCreate USA Bootcamp for UX Design, Product Design, and Agile Management training to get you started.

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