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Five usability requirements for mobile apps

It is not uncommon for people to be hooked on their phones these days as they are on other devices. The reason is simple: Mobile devices live up to their name; they can be carried about anywhere. Thus, most online activities are done on the phone.

Designing mobile apps can be taxing. However, there are certain things to check to ensure good usability for the mobile app.

Platform usability

Unlike web design, mobile devices can be selective in the apps that run on them due to the differences in their operating systems. Suppose you design an app that can only work on android. In that case, you have close yourself to potential customers among iPhone users, so you’ll want to ensure that your app can work on different operating systems, except your target is only specific phone users.

Easy navigation

There shouldn’t be too many pages before you reach your destination. Mobile apps are to make interacting with a product more effortless. It seeks to offer comfort to the user, make sure that the services are not hard to find, and it shouldn’t be too clumsy since its screen size is not as big as a PC.

Auto-filled data

It’s always stressful having to input details repeatedly on one mobile app. You can make sure users can store their information so that other forms can be filled automatically with information from the pre-filled data to improve the experience; there can be an opportunity to edit the information.

Quick movement

The experience on mobile apps should be simple enough for people to get the most out of it. You should know this is not a PC where you’ll have to keep pressing the down arrow or dragging the mouse to go through the website. For mobile apps, you want to make sure the scrolling is fast. Many may prefer scrolling to see the needed information than clicking many buttons to get what they need.

Visual appeal

Your mobile app has to be visually appealing to users. Let it be an app they always want to visit. The buttons are in the right places, the sidebar is easy to locate, and the information needed is in the right place. You don’t want app users will have to keep scrolling to the side to see the rest of the incomplete statement. Make it visually appealing; make it responsive.

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