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Five Reasons to Become A UX Designer in 2022

UX design is short for User Experience Design. It is designing a website/software with the users' satisfaction in mind.

UX design is one of the fastest-growing industries in 2021. The statistics speak for themselves.

LinkedIn research indicates UX design as one of the top ten skills in 2021. The increase in how people learn UX means job availability for the skill. The US Bureau of Statistics and Labour also predicted a 3% yearly increase in UX designers' demand until 2028.

If you are looking at starting a career in UX design, the best time is now. You can take advantage of the demand for UX designers to learn UX and start a good career this year. UX design is one f the tech skills you can learn and become proficient at within a few months.

It would help if you considered starting a career in UX design for many reasons. I will highlight some of these reasons here.

6 Reasons to Become a UX Designer in 2022

Many are starting to see the importance of having a UX designer in their organization. There is no better time to become a UX designer than now. This article highlights some convincing reasons for becoming a UX designer in 2022.

UX has an increasing demand.

A Survey by Adobe revealed that 87% of managers prioritize hiring UX designers. Many companies and industry professionals are now seeing the need for UX designers. Since the covid pandemic in 2020, most activities in several organizations are currently online. New organizations have also sprung up to answer people's problems online.

Thus, there is much competition in using digital products and getting information online. It is a given that users will stay with a product that gives them the best experience while interacting with it. Hence, organizations can no longer overlook the importance of having a specialist in user experience design for the products and services they offer.

More so, UX was part of the best jobs in 2021 published by Glassdoor. There is high speculation that this position will be maintained in 2022, owing to the number of tech startups. Thus, UX is not a skill you will learn and wait many months before you start seeing job opportunities. UX job opportunities are increasing by the day. Don't procrastinate your decision to be a UX designer. No better time to get in than now.

UX design is easy to learn.

For some, they love tech but hate coding. Well, why not consider UX design? User experience design is a tech field that requires no coding. Yes, you don't need coding to become a UX designer, yet it is one of the top fields in the tech space. To know UX design, the primary thing to learn is how to use design tools and employ empathy in creating products with the tools. You don't need to worry about bugs in code or syntax errors.

You can check for materials online and start learning right away. Or, you can sign up for a UX design Bootcamp like the GoCreate USA Bootcamp, and within three months, you will become a certified UX designer. It's as easy as you have read it. You only need to make your decision.

Easy to upskill to other tech fields

It is easy to transition into other tech fields as a UX designer. Your primary function as a UX designer is to create usable products for users, and the tech space as a whole is all about providing solutions for people.

Your experience in UX can get you started in other tech fields. A UX designer determines the flow of a website, online service, or product. At the same time, other fields in tech are also either building products or offering services. It implies that there is a high chance that a UX designer will collaborate or even give directions to other tech workers at one point or the other.

So, it is easy for a UX designer to upskill in departments he has collaborated with in times past because there are chances that he would have picked an idea or two because of working with them.

It is easy to switch to UX design from any field.

No career exists to serve itself. The focus of any service rendered is people; this is the central pivot of UX design. It makes it easy for anyone who wants to switch careers from any field to switch to UX design. You will employ strategies to satisfy clients and customers in your area of UX design. User experience design is user-centric; the whole point is to please the user.

For example, it is easy to switch to UX design if you are a writer. How do I know that? Writing involves researching the topic. It is synonymous with user research in UX design. After researching what to write about, you draft the significant points in your writing, the heading, subheadings, the introduction, and the body.

It is synonymous with wireframing or sketching in UX design, where you start sketching out the design on paper or using design tools based on what you've researched about the user. You can have your first draft and second draft before the final article in writing. Like you can have prototypes before the final design in UX design.

It doesn't apply to writing alone. Even something as far as teaching. Teaching requires knowing your students well and the best method to teach them.

It is synonymous with empathy in UX design, where you put yourself in the users' shoes and create your design based on their needs and pain points. It goes on and on. The bottom line is there are already transferable skills in your present career that will be useful in UX design, making it more accessible.

It allows creativity

User experience design is a creative field. There is an opportunity to let your creativity out as a UX designer. As a UX designer, you determine the users' journey and have to be creative enough to provide solutions to users' needs. The methodologies in UX design all lie in the creativity of the designer. As much as your design should be within the ambits of your user research, you can adopt different styles and strategies to give the user a good experience.

Good remuneration

Apart from offering value and providing solutions as a UX designer, salary is another fulfilling aspect. UX design also ranks as one of the top-paying careers in tech. Although the pay may differ from country to country, the general overview is that UX is among the top-paying careers. In the USA, the average annual salary for UX designers is $105 122, $77,090 in Canada, $65,535 in the UK, etc. So, you stand a chance to be financially stable as a UX designer.

Final thoughts

Starting or switching to a career can be overwhelming. There are fears of the unknown; you don't want to change to this career and find out it is not for you. That doesn't have to be if UX is part of your consideration; if it's not, you can start considering it.

If you want to start on this journey of UX, the Gocreate USA Bootcamp can help you. Sign up here to get started.

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