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The benefits of Ideation sessions

Ideation is an integral part of design thinking. It is the aspect of design thinking that helps to discover and define the purpose of the design, its functionality, and the type of customers to use it.

Ideation sessions are where you think through the problem you might face and devise different solutions. This process helps in breaking the complexity of projects into bits.

Here are four benefits of Ideation

Reveals hidden knowledge

There are things you may never give much thought to if you don’t brainstorm on the problem you are trying to solve; there are others that you may know but don’t know exactly how to describe. You may even have just a fragment of thought about an idea, but the ideation process helps broaden your thoughts. When you work with a team, you can see someone help you put your thoughts into better construction.

It filters your mind.

Ideation filters your mind. Before Ideation, you can have pre-conceived notions about the product you are trying to build, but your ideas are put to the test during ideation. You subject them to broad reasoning and expose them to different factors and facts; this process will help filter your mind off the irrelevant ideas from the relevant ones.

You get different perspectives.

Ideation sessions allow you to get different perspectives on a subject. You have no restriction to one-way thinking; some thoughts can provoke you to think about the subject differently, expanding your creativity.

Allows you to get on the same page with team members

The thoughts put forward by team members allow you to see their priorities. It creates an avenue to compare ideas, filter out the unnecessary ones and come to an agreeable conclusion. This will enhance productivity since the team is now working with a unified goal in mind.

Ideation produces a clear-cut direction for better productivity. It is a mental exercise that simplifies what the design is all about.

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