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5 Reasons to Consider an Online Bootcamp

Through tutorial videos and blogs, the internet has become an essential learning tool for many desirous talents worldwide. Bootcamps have also become formidable alternative platforms for structured learning and acquiring in-demand skills.

The first Tech Bootcamp was organized in 2011 by someone who wanted to teach web development. In 2020, according to Career Karma, over 44,000 Bootcamp graduates existed in the United States, a 30.32% increase from a previous year's report; this alone highlights the massive shift in online learning.

Interestingly, bootcamps have evolved over the years into learning channels that could be hosted online like every other E-learning course or program, offering short-term intense training sessions at lesser costs.

Online Bootcamps should prepare you well enough to be able to meet the demands of prospective employers.

Here are five important reasons to consider an Online Bootcamp regardless of time constraints.

You don’t need to change your location:

Unlike traditional colleges or bootcamps, you don’t need to commute to a new location to get involved in online bootcamps as you can learn from the comfort of your home and, most times, at your own pace just with access to the internet. However, in this regard, it is up to you to stay disciplined and on track with your goals and learning objectives.

There is no need to quit your job or studies:

Online bootcamps offer you convenience and flexibility to decide when to engage in Bootcamp activities depending on your schedule since there are mostly no defined learning hours. So, whether you are a student with a hectic schedule or joggling more than one job, you can choose a time that works for you and stick to it.

Skills are beginning to matter more than Schools:

Many employers' focus on the skills and experience individuals bring to the table is increasing. Their attention is getting less emphasized on where or how candidates get skills. A report by Flexjobs asserts that proving to big tech companies that you can get the job done is enough to land you the job even without a degree. Nearly half of Apple US employees are people without four-year college degrees. Online Bootcamps should prepare you well enough to be able to meet the demands of prospective employers.

Shorter Time Frame:

Online bootcamps, unlike regular college degrees, don’t require years of learning. They are short-term programs that most times stretch for a period of about 9 to 12 weeks. Although regular colleges expose you to much more, bootcamps focus on the fundamentals that will help you start your career.

Greater Access to Larger Community:

Online Bootcamps avail you of an extensive network of people with similar interests. Online Bootcamps will help you stay updated with trends and happenings in the industry. You have the benefit of gaining from others' experiences and creating connections that could help you in the future.

Attending an online Bootcamp is a great way to start your UX design journey for its flexibility and the myriad opportunities it offers you. You can Join our three-month virtual Bootcamp with expert instructors, mindset coaching from design veterans across the tech industry, and gain connection to versatile employers that seek your talent. Kindly click here to join our Fall Bootcamp Waitlist.

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