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Top Low-Code Development Platforms

Maintaining the traditional method of writing code to build applications can be somewhat taxing. It involves high technicality and takes a lot of time.

This is why low-code development platforms exist. You can quickly manage graphic interfaces without worrying about upgrading your applications.

This is because the platform creator is always updating and refining the saved interfaces and your website gets improved upon automatically.

Below are some of the best low-code development platforms you will find useful for building your applications.

Top Platforms to consider for Low-code Development


Mendix is a platform that provides customers with low-code and no-code development choices. It was created to speed up app delivery throughout the development process.

Some amazing features of Mendix include:

  • Customized IDE for every developer.

  • Only low code platform with a built-in React Native framework.

  • Use pre-defined templates simply by dragging and dropping them in your app design.

  • Use APIs or pre-built connectors to extend solutions built on Mendix.

  • Enhance user experience with an Atlas UI Framework to build a flawless design.


Kissflow is a platform that offers tools for project management and case management. For example, tools like Kanban boards, tagging, status tracking, and custom task cards are helpful for project management. They can be supported with features like communication channels, polls, and surveys to increase efficiency as well. Kissflow features include:

  • Generate custom reports and acquire profitable insights.

  • Get a printable or digital trail of steps in the process.

  • Create and modify workflow visually.

Pega Systems

Pega is notable for allowing users to create a sophisticated application without coding. Pega excels in all of these areas. From superb tools and user-friendly layout to exceptional lifecycle maintenance.

Some of the features of Pega Systems include:

  • Automatic Generation of application code.

  • Enterprise-level scalability.

  • Standards-based User Interface.

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is designed to build complex applications without any knowledge of coding,

Some of its features include:

  • Code plug-ins for advanced business logic in the common data service

  • Power query tools and data integrator to bring data in CDS

  • Data gateway to integrate with services running on-premises


Gramex is a low-code platform for data science that has the ability to build AI applications in weeks. It has pre-built templates, microservices, and RESTful APIs to help you build custom applications.

Some of its features include:

  • 200+ pre-built components with 15 connectors, 25 processors, 40 visuals, and over 70 libraries

  • Generates business insights in real-time

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to provide a simple interface to configure and add microservices and REST APIs to your application.

  • Capable of building AI and ML applications within a short period of time.

There are other low-code platforms apart from the ones mentioned here. To learn about them and how you can use them, sign up for the GoCreate USA Bootcamp training here.

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