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Tips on How to Complete Online Courses

Completion rates of online courses are generally low, averaging just around 15%. This can be attributed to a lot of factors ranging from loss of focus, motivation, and interest, to bad internet connection and a whole lot of other challenges e-learners face. As a learner, below are tips on how you can improve your chances of completing an online course.

Practice Time Management

One of the biggest advantages of taking online courses is the flexibility that it offers, but in fact, it is often one of its drawbacks. Practicing proper time management is essential on the way to completing an online course. Knowing what time works best for your studying, having daily goals, setting deadlines, creating a timetable, and staying disciplined to follow it to the letter are a few ways that can come in handy in this regard.

Treat Like a Normal Course

The freedom and control that comes with E-Learning can sometimes cloud its value, essence, and seriousness. It is therefore important to keep in mind the reason why you took up the course and treat it like you would a traditional class. Let your motivation be the driving force and always remember the resources - time, data, and in some cases, fees- that you have expended in the process of learning.

Create a Space for Studying

Having a dedicated study space can help to stay productive and focused. This is because it helps in routine building and ensures that your stationery and other important items are easily accessible. However, in setting up a space for online learning, you would want to ensure that there is a good enough internet connection and that it is an environment where you can stay focused and learn.

Avoid Distractions

It can be difficult to stay focused on your studies if you are learning from home. The aroma of food from the kitchen, the kids scampering all over the place, the news on the TV, and most likely the pop-up notifications on your phone, there are too many things calling out for your attention. But eliminating these distractions by shutting them out with every means possible will do your studies a world of good. Switch off mobile phones during study hours to avoid the temptation of operating it, shut yourself out of every possible noise, and leave your home for a café or a library if possible.

Get Study Mates

Studying with others makes learning effective and competitive. Knowing that there are others who are taking the same course as you can help to stay motivated through the course. You can get a friend to take the course with you or find out about others who are taking the course. You may also join a study group as the collective ideas of others can go a long way in reducing the burden that comes with task completion.

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