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The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist for 2022

Landing Page Checklist
Landing Page Checklist

How do you sell a good product? Or to put it rightly, where do you sell a good product?

Imagine you have this fantastic product. You are sure of its value. You know it is what people need and you expect them to buy from you. Now, you place this product in your room. No inscription on your house, nothing to advertise what you are selling. You are just there, you and your product in that lonely room. The result is obvious. No one will know what you are selling.

It doesn't matter how great your product is, you still need a good place to introduce it to prospective buyers. You need to create awareness for that great product. So, let's tweak the question, how do you create awareness for a product online? By creating a page to advertise it. That page is called the landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a place where you introduce your products to potential customers. As the name implies, it is the page users "land" on when they click an online ad.

Landing pages are created for sales conversion. They are created to convert traffic to potential leads or paying customers. This implies that a landing page is different from a home page.

A homepage has other details apart from sales conversion while landing pages have a specific aim. For you to achieve this aim, it is important to include the right details in designing your landing page and also know how to include them. But, before we delve into that, let's see what separates a landing page from a homepage.

Landing Page vs Home Page

Landing pages and Homepage have clear distinctions. Some have wondered why they need a landing page since they already have a homepage on their website. They serve different purposes and have different designs.

Truth is, if you aim to get customers' details and sell, you will always need a landing page. But if your aim is just to introduce people to what you do, a good homepage can do that for you.

A landing page has a single page created for a marketing campaign. It includes CTAs (Call-To-Action) buttons to get a response from potential customers, while a homepage has other subpages to direct users to where they will get more information.

While the homepage presents users with all the kinds of products you have, a landing page is clear and specific for one product or service.

Types of Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Page

The primary aim of this landing page is to convert traffic to leads and get data using a data-capture form.

This is done by asking them to subscribe to a newsletter, offering them free trials, or giving them a free e-book. It is used when customers are on the verge of deciding to stay or walk away. It is designed to encourage visitors to provide their contact information. This information can be used to contact them about sales.

Click-through Landing Page

A click-through landing page does not need any form. It is the intermediary between the advert you are making and the page the users will buy the product.

It only requires a short, precise explanation of the product with a CTA that leads to the purchase.

For example, you can use it to link an ad to the "Add to Cart" page.

Viral Landing Pages

Viral landing pages are for the sole purpose of building brand awareness for a product. They might include links to a website, but the most important thing on the page is the content.

The content has to be informative enough to get the customer's attention. You can include images, videos, or podcasts that explain the product.

Sales Page

The sale page is designed for the sole purpose of getting the customer to make a sale. You are not trying to get data or convert traffic. You have only one purpose. Sell. The design of this page is important, you have to make it easy for customers to navigate. You also have to present a good pitch that will make them buy.


A microsite is a mini-website. It has more than a single page like a website, but it is designed for a specific sales goal in mind like a landing page.

Landing Page Checklist

A landing page needs to catch visitors’ attention. Visitors should be able to understand what you are offering and ultimately take action. So, let’s go through the checklist of what you need to create a good landing page.

Clear Value proposition

The first thing you want to do to keep visitors glued is to talk about their pain points. Talk about their pain points and the solution you are offering. The value proposition is a summary of the value you are offering to your prospects.

Your value proposition needs to state what you are offering and the uniqueness of what you are offering. To do this, you need to know your target audience, list the benefits of your product and highlight what makes you stand out from others.

Call to Actions

Let your Call to Action reflect your value proposition. Avoid CTAs like "Click this button", or "Yes". Use CTAs like, "I want the book now", and "Learn how to build a WordPress Site for Free". Use CTAs that will propel visitors to click the link.

Use Short Forms

Long forms are boring. You don't need to know everything about your customer. You only need the basic details. Just the name and email are enough. Long forms can discourage visitors from taking action.

Use bullet points to present the features or benefits

Visitors want to know the benefit your product or service has for them. You need to be strategic about where you place this on your landing page. Writing the benefits of features of your product in a long text format will undersell the product.

It is easier to read when you itemize them in bullet format. All you are doing should be able to get visitors' attention in a short period.

Explain how to use the product

Don't think "the product is easy to use, they will understand it". Don't leave room for assumptions. Include a step-by-step guide to using your product.

Mobile Responsiveness

It will be a major crime if your landing page is not mobile responsive. The reason is obvious. People don't carry laptops on the street trying to purchase a product or register for a service. Most people will do it on their phones and you should be able to give them the best experience.

Final thoughts

How do you intend to introduce your products to your customers? Won't it be painful if you discover you missed out on a great detail about your product while introducing it?

That is why you have this article. It contains details to note to have a great landing page to introduce your product or service.

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