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How to Overcome the Challenges of E-learning

E-learning, just like many other things in life, comes with its own drawbacks and challenges which often make learners abandon their courses halfway through. Below are five tips that could help learners scale the hurdles that might appear on their sprint to success.

Adopt micro-learning

Micro learning is a way of learning that involves bite-sized content, as compared to bulk course material. Most e-learning courses may come in bulky modules, but learners can decide to take it bit by bit by setting realistic goals for themselves and drawing a target on the number of hours they can spend comfortably in a course daily. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to develop a timetable.

Always remember the Why

For every learner, there is always a reason they choose to take up a course. It is always important to keep reverberating the why factor in their minds and unconscious. This would serve as fuel to keep them going on days when there seems to be no motivation to continue.

Get a Mentor

Mentors are always a step or more ahead of their mentees, they have trodden the path on which their mentees tread. For learners, getting a mentor in their field is essential as these will play the role of motivators and help figure out quick solutions when they need them.

Join a group of like minds

One of the challenges of online education is that it often deprives learners of social interaction. This could lead to anxiety and depression. To overcome this, learners can find groups of people online who have similar learning goals and connect with them. Aside from the fact that it serves as a motivating factor, it could also open doors to more connections and lasting friendships

Get a stronger Network connection

These days, there is almost nothing as frustrating as a terrible internet connection. A lot of online courses come with very high-quality graphical content, to access this, a strong internet connection is always very necessary. Learners will therefore have to ensure that they are patronizing the best service providers available in their location.

Whatever the end goal of learning may be, be it to earn a certificate, to get reskilled or upskilled, if the knowledge garnered is moving the learner one step further in life, staying focused and resilient regardless of the challenges is worth it.

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