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How to Get a UX Job with No Industry Experience in 2022

One of the barriers to break when you are starting a new career in UX design is getting your first job. It can be a bit difficult to land a job in the UX industry if you do not have the experience to justify your competence.

It is common for recruiters to ask how experienced you are during interviews. Sometimes, the company will state the years of experience they are looking for in an applicant.

How is it possible for a newbie to land a UX job when recruiters ask for industry experience? Where can you get the experience?

Most times, the experience required is judged by the number of projects you have done. So, how can a newbie get projects that can count for the needed experience to land a UX job?

Well, it is not as hard as you think. You only need to follow some tips to give you an edge. It is time to create your own experiences!

Pro Tips on how to get a UX job with no prior experience

Getting your first UX job can be a bit challenging. Recruiters are asking for experience yet are just starting. How do you break even? If you are in this dilemma, your answer is in this article.

These answers provided below will guide you on what to do to land a UX job, even if you have no industry experience.

Apply for Internship roles

Internship roles do not need any previous experience. Internships are opportunities to gain experience in how the design industry works.

An internship allows you to learn and make as many mistakes as possible. You will also learn how to interview for jobs as part of the process, which is a valuable skill that you will need after your internship.

More so, some companies retain their interns to become permanent workers. An internship increases your chances of getting a UX job because you have gained more experience working on practical projects.

Reach out to recruiters

You can reach out to recruiters yourself. Send a cold mail or reach out to them on social networking sites like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to land your first UX job, even if you have no prior experience. LinkedIn reported that about 40 million people (about twice the population of New York) search for jobs every week, and at least three people get hired every minute.

Many have shared testimonies of how they got their first jobs on LinkedIn. You can do this by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to reflect your skills and expertise.

Next, reach out to recruiters, give them the background to your career path, state your skillset and how you can be of help to the organization. You need to know precisely how you can help them and how they can benefit you when messaging a recruiter. Explain to recruiters how your talents and experience would be a good fit for the company based on what they do.

What can you do to assist the organization if they have issues right now? When you inform recruiters about how you might help the organization, you demonstrate that you have done your homework and are enthusiastic about new challenges and opportunities.

Expand your network

Networking is essential to get your first job in the UX field. Networking expands your opportunities and chances of getting a job. Find UX networking events in your area to attend and connect with those already in the industry. That way, you can get job updates from them and get recommendations.

Another way to expand your network is by volunteering at these events. You stand a chance to meet the organizers, including the company's staff. You can use the opportunity to introduce yourself as a junior UX designer. If you do not have any UX events in your city, join UX design groups on social media platforms.

Redesign existing projects

You can create attention for yourself by redesigning a company's website. Let your redesign include a new feature you think will increase the usability of their website.

You can also point out something they need to fix on their website by creating a modification. Doing this shows your competence as a UX designer. Even if you do not have years of experience to your name, your ability to spot a problem and provide solutions is a great advantage to getting hired.

Freelance and Free Projects

Another way to get a UX job without industry experience is by freelancing. The primary thing freelancing requires is your skill. Although, there might be those that will not allow you to work for them if they cannot ascertain your years of experience.

However, you can start with friends and families; you can even do it for them for free. You might not get money from it, but you will gradually build your experience. Those projects will expose you to the practicality of what you have learned.

You can also register on freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, etc. Optimize your profile to reflect your skills. Some experts can help you create a profile that can attract clients. Freelancing is a good start if you find it challenging to get your first UX job.

Personal Projects

Apart from redesigning existing products, you can also create personal projects for yourself. Personal projects allow you to explore and improve your skills.

The absence of restrictions and deadlines will also enable you to be more creative. Individual projects are important before working in a corporate organization.

They allow you to find your uniqueness and help to build your confidence. You can also add them to your portfolio as your work samples, even if you have not worked in any organization.

A personal project, well-done, shows employers that you can think through problems, and what is UX, if not solving problems through designs?

Keep Practicing

Have you tried all these, and you are yet to get a job after all these? Keep practicing with personal projects. Keep reading, watching tutorials, and practicing, keep freelancing.

Always look for opportunities to show your skills and get better so that prospects will meet you prepared.

Final thoughts

Getting your first UX job can be made simpler with these tips. You might need to combine two or three of these tips. As you redesign existing projects, work on personal projects also. Look for meetups to attend and volunteer. Create opportunities! It will not be long before you land your first UX job.

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