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How non-designers can get innovative with Design

Foremost, it's important to know that design is about creating solutions, it is about providing comfort, ease, and simplicity. This simple thought should be what informs any design decision you will make.

You might wonder, should non-designers attempt to design at all? Well, there are situations where you’ll have to do things yourself, maybe just some basic design for something you need urgently, and you are stuck because you don't even know the first step to take or how to go about it.

These tips can help your thoughts and open your innovation

  • Think about the problem the design will solve: Understanding the problem your design will solve will enable you to know the functionalities of your design. For example, even if it is something such as setting up a design in your home, knowing its importance will open your mind to ideas. If you want to make the room less boring, you already know, you are going to be using bright colors for whatever design plan you have, same goes for other kinds of design whether physical or digital, the why of the design defines the path of your innovation.

  • Think about the people it will reach or those that will see it: Apart from the problem your design will solve, you need to consider those you are designing for, you might not be able to tell all of their likes and dislikes, but you can think about the general idea of having the kind of design you have in mind, you can sample people’s opinions, it will help expand your thoughts.

  • Don’t be quick to edit your ideas: Any innovation will flow freely if you give yourself the liberty of exploring different ideas, innovation is not stereotyped, what you want to edit or see as a mistake might actually set a new style or approach to your design, let the ideas flow unrestricted at first, you can even try them out, then streamline to only those that meet your problem-solving requirements.

Innovation is a skill that you can learn by training and practice, you can never go wrong with devoting time to quality training. The GoCreate USA Bootcamp boasts of fully funded quality in-demand training in UX Design, and Product Design. Sign up to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist and you’ll be glad you did.

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