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How E-Learning Can be Improved

A 2019 study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed that between 2014 and 2019, Online Courses recorded a whopping drop rate of 96%. From adaptation problems to social isolation to technical difficulties, and even poor usability of Online learning platforms, there are lots of factors that make learners dump their online courses halfway through.

However, below are a few important ways through which instructors can increase their engagement rate in online classes

They use a blend of various learning materials for better engagement

One of the unique features of E-Learning is that it allows for the exploration and usage of various learning materials, most importantly visual aids. These lessons can easily be assimilated. Facilitators can blend the audio and graphics that can help learners understand better and in turn make learning interesting

Promote Social Interaction

Since social isolation is one of the major drawbacks of Online education, instructors can promote social interaction amongst learners on Online learning platforms by creating forums where the learners can share their opinions and ideas, assigning group tasks, creating access for learners to reach them, and giving prompt feedback.

Keep Courses and Navigation Simple

Facilitators and Online learning platforms can help learners by structuring courses in a simple and easy-to-navigate manner. While large courses can be broken down into little bits to make it easier for students to assimilate, they can also be made available on a wide range of devices to ensure accessibility.

Optimize Contents for Lesser Data Usage

Course contents, especially graphics materials, should be optimized for various reasons as this can in turn lead to better connectivity in locations where the internet connection is bad. Learners should be able to choose from a range of image quality based on how much data they are able to use and the connection speed in their locations.


Ensuring that usability on Ed Tech platforms is usually not enough, making courses more engaging, interactive and satisfying will be key to arresting the interest of learners.


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