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Design Feeling Approach to Design Tech

Design feeling prioritizes human emotion at the core of the design process and leverages factors like inspiration, imagination, drive, passion, and instinct to influence the design process. While it is true that design tech requires logic and systemic reasoning to arrive at the best solution for design problems, it is essential to note that the priority in design is the user's experience. A good experience can only be achieved when the user feels connected with the product.

To accomplish this, the designer must empathize with the user's needs.

Design feeling is not all about the user being able to complete tasks with the product. It is more about the user's perception of the product. A product that meets tasks effectively for the user but bores the user or elicits negative emotions for the user has not created a good user experience. A good user experience will have the satisfaction of the emotional needs of the user at its forefront, and this is what design feeling is all about.

More so, design feeling is all about pouring your emotions into the design, you stand on the side of the user and feel what they feel, and until designers can feel and pre-empt what the user can feel, the goal of a good design has not been achieved.

This is not a challenging feat to accomplish, as all you need to do is to be rightly taught the basic ethics of design tech, and you can learn this and more at the GoCreate USA Bootcamp. Sign up here to join the Fall Bootcamp waitlist.

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