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5 Things Successful Resilient UX Designers Do

Do you want to get your User Experience Design journey started, or do you want to start a career in User Interface Design? Here are five things successful designers do that make them unbeatable in the industry.


Discipline, which is making small sacrifices in the present for a better future result, helps boost performance and productivity. It helps in achieving long-term and sustainable success in all aspects of life. There are several ways to achieve self-discipline as a UX designer. A designer should be able to know their weaknesses, remove temptations, and most importantly, set clear goals, have an execution plan, and follow it to the letter.


It is imperative to have a very high level of self-esteem so that you are not easily swayed by people’s judgments and criticism of your work. However, this does not mean you should not welcome corrections when necessary; it will only help identify when to accept them.

Desire for Knowledge

Gain knowledge from everything and everyone around you, which will help build your confidence in your knowledge and skills. Never stop learning and never think you know it all; guesswork doesn’t have a part to play in the design business. Take up new courses on Design and show your desire to learn. You can also take part in our three-month Online Bootcamp, where you get to meet experts and veterans in the industry.

Ability to Accept Feedback.

Accepting constructive criticism is an essential skill for every creative person. Even though it is crucial to filter out some opinions of others about your work, it is also imperative to sit back and listen to those opinions, take out the vital details from them and use them to better yourself.

Continuously maintain and build your portfolio.

The need for every creative person to have a portfolio of their previous jobs cannot be over-emphasized. Suppose you ever desire to land yourself job opportunities and businesses. In that case, you need a portfolio where your prospective clients or employers can access your previous jobs and know if you are the right fit for the job.

In 2017, research by Career Story showed that 50% of hiring managers are likely to navigate through an online portfolio. Portfolios are a great way to show your experience, expertise, and craft.

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