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How To Become a Low-Code Developer in Three Months

As the years unfold, we continue to see the simplicity and ease that tech brings to businesses, organizations, and other sectors in our world. The tech space seeks to make creating websites and apps easier by the day. Hence, the introduction of low-code development.

Low-code development allows the creation of apps without having to write long lines of code or deal with many technical details. Gartner also reports that over 65% of business apps will be built with low-code by 2024. This is a clear sign that low-code development is gaining more influence, and it is an excellent time to learn this skill.

Becoming a low-code developer is not as hard as it seems. There is not much technicality involved as in the case of traditional coding. Low-code development is one of the easiest tech skills to learn. Mendix claimed that 70% of low-code users who had no experience at all before using low code platforms learned low code in 3 months or less. The fundamental need for being a low-code developer, like other tech skills, is focus and dedication.

Three tips on how to be a low-code developer in three months

Online Resources

A great place to start your journey to being a low-code developer is surfing the web for study materials on low-code development. The web is filled with myriads of information; thus, you will have to be selective in what you consume as regards your learning. It is easy to get distracted trying to figure out what to learn since you are just starting from scratch. You will want to ensure you are focused while surfing the web for information. You can start by reading blog articles focused on being a low-code developer. You can also read e-books to understand how low-code works. Blogs will only introduce you to the surface, you hit the depth by reading books and also watching video tutorials on how you can use low-code to create different applications.

Bootcamp Training

We have heard of coding bootcamps, but, what about low-code bootcamps? Bootcamps are not good for learning how to code alone. They are good for reskilling and upskilling generally, especially in the tech space. The common advantage of bootcamps is structured learning and experienced tutors. Tech Bootcamps also helps to fast-track your career growth process. It is not enough to read books and watch videos online to become a low-code developer.

Although you will gain basic insights into low-code, you might not know how to solve specific problems that may arise when you are developing on your own. Bootcamps go beyond building an application and telling you to watch and do the same. Bootcamps afford you the opportunity to learn the mechanism behind what you are building, so you can come up with solutions on your own whenever you run into an error.

So, after watching tutorials, and practicing with tutorial videos, it is advisable to attend a bootcamp, to get accurate knowledge from professionals. You can do this as you continue to search for low-code development materials. Attending a bootcamp for aspiring low-code developers will perfect your knowledge and give you a rich, robust knowledge of low-code development.

Low-Code Developers’ Community

By now, you must have gained some ideas on low-code development. The books you’ve read, and the videos you’ve watched would have given you some insights. So, you can join the low-code developers' community on social media platforms. You’ll get to learn and also know the trends in the low-code community. It is impossible to stand alone in your quest to become a low-code developer. You will need support. You will also need mentorship and guidance, which is what joining a community does for you. Low-code developers' communities are on Reddit and Twitter. You can also follow up on technical articles on low-code development on Medium,, hashnode etc.

Joining a Bootcamp remains a trusted and efficient way of learning low-code development, as you will be in the safe hands of experienced instructors. The GoCreate USA Bootcamp is a good choice for learning low-code development. Sign up for the next Bootcamp training here.

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