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SaaS Design Trends to watch in 2022

SaaS design trends for 2022
SaaS design trends for 2022

What does it look like if you visit a website that has old design ideas? Do you ask yourself, "Don't they know what's trending now"? Or, maybe this was designed a long time ago, and they have just refused to change their design? It could even make usability difficult because you might not be familiar with the old design ideas on the website.

The design of a product, especially a SaaS product, is as important as its functionality. Any product that offers service to people should be able to bond with the people while giving them the best solutions to their problems.

In technology, it is easier to be left out if you are not updated about new trends. The tech space thrives on innovation and creativity, and this is a major factor for new trends springing up.

Also, recent research has indicated that about 99% of organizations will use a SaaS product by the end of 2022. This means the competition among SaaS companies is not about to stop anytime soon.

So, how do you plan to stand out with your product design? Will you be able to stay in the competition with old design ideas for your product? It's your choice to make. But trust me, you don't want people making fun of your product instead of admiring it. What you need are good principles and new trends to incorporate into your design to stay at the top of the SaaS design game in 2022.

That's why you need to read this article to the end. Read and discover the latest trends in SaaS design.

Latest Trends for SaaS Design in 2022

Why should you hop on trends you might ask? You are in a field that seeks to please people! And pleasing people means you have to find out what is trending that tickles their fancy.

Although, you should not jump on something because it’s trending. Find out what your users want and see how you can solve it efficiently with a trending design idea. Let's see some design trends you can use for SaaS product design.


Minimalism is one of the most recent UI trends, and its popularity is not going down anytime soon away. People see different advertisements every day. They see discount advertisements and receive constant notifications. Furthermore, consumers interact with various interfaces that have loads of information.

To avoid information overload, UX designers look for new ways to simplify graphic elements. They experiment with compositions and limit the number of colors used.

Today, the functionality of elements is crucial. It is critical to highlight a product's best qualities and convey the appropriate emotions from its use to customers. Designers' use of many decorative components only serves to make the qualities obsolete.

Voice User Interface

Voice user interface is another trend that has gained widespread adoption in UX.

Voice interface is an internal interface. It has less to do with design and more to do with context and data synthesis. Nonetheless, designers are attempting to keep up with the latest user experience trends. They are now providing users with voice interfaces on a more frequent basis.

Today, different apps translate sentences into other languages. This is how it works. You press a button, and the device begins recording your voice and translating your speech. You will be able to communicate with people who do not speak your language this way.


Icons are an effective visual communication tool with customers. Simple minimalistic icons are regarded as a strong UX trend. It all comes down to their ability to communicate meaning in less space than words.

As a result, many businesses place a premium on icons. For example, in 2020, Apple and Sketch followed the latest user experience trends and completely redesigned all their system icons.

The trend is not phasing out anytime soon. The interesting part is that icons communicate in all languages. You can communicate with someone that doesn't understand the language of your product by using icons. They break the language barrier and are more memorable than text alone.

It is better if you use icons from the same family. They should be the same size and shape. Such consistency will show your skill level. It will also emphasize the integrity of your website.


Onboarding is a brief introduction to a product that allows you to gain an understanding of it. It also makes it easier to understand its primary functions. In any case, onboarding has emerged as a significant UX trend that should not be overlooked.

Some people believe that onboarding is a sign of poor design. They say that if you have to explain how a product works, it means that something is seriously wrong with the design or description.

Furthermore, you force users to navigate these screens and perform unnecessary actions. In reality, modern onboarding includes the most important mobile application screens. Users gain a better understanding of what this app can do as a result of them.

It is safe to keep onboarding as simple as possible. Pay attention to the text and make it as concise and easy to read as possible. Make use of high-resolution illustrations and photographs. You must explain the value of your product and make use of all available resources.


Neomorphism was widely used in web design practices last year. It is a hybrid of two popular approaches to creating user interfaces. They are referred to as skeuomorphism and flat design. These UI trends are different from one another and are frequently regarded as opposed.

Now, sometime around 2021, web designers discovered a new idea known as glassmorphism. This trend stems from the blur effect, also known as a blurred background. When people look at such an element, it appears as if they are looking through a magnifying glass.

Unique illustrations

Illustrations continue to dominate user interface trends, as they did last year. They are, however, less generic than before.

When it came to illustrations, it is better to stick to minimalism. Make your web pages less cluttered and more understandable for users.

To create better illustrations, you should experiment with angles, proportions, and storylines. Use vibrant colors or muted pastels. The illustrations will become more elaborate and create more awareness than before

For your illustrations, it is better to use the SVG format. The quality of images in PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats on a high screen resolution might be reduced. It is not a problem with SVG because the vector format can be scaled up and down without losing quality.

Final thoughts

You need to always be at the top of your game as a UX designer. New ideas and new technologies spring up every day and you don’t want to lose touch with your skills as a designer.

Here, we have highlighted some trends in design for you to use in your next SaaS design project. Read and start using them right away. Don’t forget to always visit this blog for more information on UX design too!

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