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Don’t Miss a Session!

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to construct an amazing schedule just for you. In the meantime, our high-level agenda is shown below in case you're interested in seeing how the event is coming together.

Wed, Nov 20th
  • Pick up badges

    Pick up your badges to access all keynotes and training sessions.

  • Breakfast

    Start your day pumped with a healthy breakfast

  • Keynote Speech

    Join us to learn the "how” in putting AI to work for you

  • Training sessions

    Embark on a journey to innovation with 40+ expertly curated sessions designed to give you a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of generative AI. Acquire invaluable insights and equip yourself with advanced tools, strategic approaches, and transformative methodologies. This immersive experience promises to propel you a decade ahead, empowering you with knowledge that transcends time for unprecedented success.

  • Displaying exhibitions

    Explore over 50 advanced AI technologies and solutions at your fingertips. Get the tools you need to accelerate your AI program.

  • Lunch

    Grab a bite with your colleagues and fuel up for the rest of your day! 

  • Break

    Take a well deserved break and recharge for the next sessions.

  • Keynote Speech

    This session arms you with the data and clear direction to stay ahead of the evolving demand for future skills in the era of Generative AI.

  • Cocktails and hangout

    There’s nothing like taking the load off, having cocktails, and networking with colleagues to round off the day.

Re-Invent X is more than a conference; it is a movement!

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